• A Workshop on School Robotics (School Robotics Workshop)

    To promote Robotics among the school students almost every school is organizing robotics activity in their schools. Learning of Robotics is very important and interesting to school students and it makes many science concepts very clear. Novel Technology provides range of learning courses for School Robotics and related technology. Please visit the Novel Technology to know more about options.

    Workshop CodeDurationFee
    NTWSSROBB-011 / 2 Days400/-
    Workshop Syllabus

    Introduction to robotics.
    Application of Robotics.
    Introduction to Embedded Systems.
    Introduction to Microcontroller Intel 8051.
    Assembly Programming of Microcontroller.
    Introduction to Interfacing.
    Introduction to C Programming.
    Introduction to Motors and Its Interfacing.
    Sensors In the Field of Robotics.
    Introduction to Line Sensor Interfacing.
    Line Follower Algorithm.
    White Line Follower Algorithm.
    Black Line Follower Algorithm.
    Introduction to Autonomous Robotics.

    Outcome of Workshop

    The Student is able to list what is Robotics.
    The Student is able to list the salient features of Intel 8051 Architecture.
    The Student is able to assemble and generate the HEX files.
    The Student is able to burn the ISP based microcontroller with himself.
    The Student is able to write the entry level code for Robotics Application.
    The Student is able to develop the hardware of entry level robots.
    The Student is able to understand the C programming for microcontrollers.

    Key Experiments or Demo

    Creating the hex file for the assembly programs.
    Burning the flash microcontroller.
    Port programming of microcontroller.
    Interfacing with DC Motor of the microcontroller.
    Interfacing with sensors with microcontroller.
    Interfacing the RF Module with the Microcontroller.

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